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Full-Time User Guides

The current User Guides for Full-Time can be found here, which we'll be consolidating over the winter.

There are currently eight User Guides for Full-Time which are as follows. Please note that Chapter 3 of the "Advanced Options" is now invalid, and this has been replaced by the "Advanced Scheduler Guide":-

Getting Started and Basic Options

Advanced Options

Advanced Scheduler

Other Fixtures

New Cup Wizard

Version 3.0 Enhancements

Version 3.1 Enhancements

Version 4.6 Enhancements

Team Administrators Guide

Getting Started and Basic Options has two sections. Getting Started is designed to be the introduction to Full-Time, giving you the essential information you need to set your league up on Full-Time, and do the basic administration. Basic Options expands on "Getting Started", and contains a variety of features - those which we wouldn't describe as essential when you're starting up, but you'll probably find that within a season (or sooner) you'll want to use them.

Advanced Options is a separate guide, and takes things a step further. This contains a wide range of other options, which you may or may not want to use, and which generally we think you'll only want to look at once you've become quite experienced with using Full-Time. There are now effectively three supplementary chapters to Advanced Options, the Advanced Scheduler (which replaces chapter 3 of Advanced Options), Other Fixtures details new functionality allowing leagues to record fixtures outside of league and league cup games, and Enhancements covers details of all other upgrades to Full-Time since the Version 2.0 guides were issued.

The final guide is the Team Administrators Guide to Full-Time. This includes sections on the various functions of Full-Time which leagues may wish to make available to their Clubs to use directly (Team Sheets, Match Statistics, SMS Results, etc).

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