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March 2012 Release (FT 2.2)

Version 2.2 of Full-Time is now live, having been released on Tuesday 20th March.

Download/Open  FT Enhancements Version 2-2

The main changes to Version 2.2 are the introduction of Respect Marking (Clubs marking Clubs), as well as facility for leagues to create other “Team Questions”, which will hopefully allow you to tailor your own online return for clubs.

We hope all leagues will adopt the Respect Marking. These marks submitted across the season will provide a fair assessment of where teams receive a good and poor experience of the game in relation to the conduct of their opponents. Leagues can use these marks periodically to raise concerns with those clubs that are noticeably below the average and to celebrate those that consistently receive high marks.

Version 2.2 Enhancements Guide

The Version 2.2 Enhancements Guide is attached – this includes all of the updates since Version 2.0, so if you read the update last month, only about half of it will be new to you.

With regard to the new team marks, please be aware that activating these may significantly change the screens (and questions) clubs are asked if they’re logging onto Full-Time, so you probably want to wait until the end of the season to set them up. They’ve been designed with the new season in mind, but we want to get them live now so you can plan accordingly for next year.

In addition, Version 2.2 has seen the colour range of Code Snippets (used to display Tables, Results and Fixtures on other websites) extended - click on the Feeds link on your Full-Time for details.

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