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Recent Improvements

Recent improvements to Full-Time include addition of Match Based Suspensions, Attendances and some new Match Statistics (Clean Sheets, Opposition Own Goals and Unused Subs).

For leagues that run Match Based Suspension, Full-Time now allows you to input the number of matches for which a suspension applies. This is displayed along with the other suspension details in the usual way.

We would remind leagues and clubs that the exact details of match based suspensions should be obtained from the Football Association/County Football Association responsible, and if leagues choose to reproduce these on Full-Time, it is their responsibility to make sure they are reproduced accurately. If clubs are in doubt, they should consult the FA/CFA.

Leagues who wish to record attendances on Full-Time may now do so. This is activated via League Options, and allows the Home club (if you've given them access to the Match Statistics) or the league to input the Match Attendance. The Away club does not have access.

We've added three new statistics to the Match Stats section, as follows:-

Clean Sheets - You can now record a goalkeeper's clean sheet by using this statistic, which is a simple tick box option.

Opposition Own Goal - This statistic allows a club to report that one (or more) of its goals were scored by the opposition. The player concerned isn't identified (you rarely know who the opposition player was) but if the other team which to record it, then they can use the "Own Goal Conceded" statistic (which does have a player identified).

Unused Bench - Is used to identify that a player was nominated as a substitute, but didn't actually play in the game (in some leagues this has a different registration status to a player who was a substitute).

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