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Full-Time Upgrade (January 2014)

Various changes to Full-Time have been added in January, enhancing various People Wizard functions, adding Fourth Officials, more flexibility on the Referee Appointments, and extending access to the various downloads.

Download/Open  Full-Time Version 4-4 Enhancements

The following changes have been made to Full-Time, and are referred to as Version 4.4. Details of these can be found on pages 20-26 of the Version 4.4 Enhancements Guide.

Option for leagues to include postponements on the main results display pages.
Extension of access to various downloads for the Fixture Secretary, Registration Secretary and Referees Secretary roles.
Updating of the Active Dates and Transfer Players pages to allow changes to be extended to all teams within a club.
Updating of the Active Dates page to allow roles other than Player to be modified.
Updating of the Approve Registration option to register a player for all teams within a club.
Addition of the option to record Fourth Officials on matches (this will include the auto-email functionality being extended to these Fourth Officials).
Updates to the "Assign Referees" page providing more filters, as well as options to have fixtures displayed by kickoff time, or by fixture group.

Please ensure you check the Version 4.4 Enhancements Guide for full details of these changes.

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