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Full-Time Upgrade (February 2014)

A number of changes to Full-Time have been added in February, enhancing the updating of results, removing teams from divisions, more flexibility over Respect marking and addition of social media to key public pages.

Download/Open  Full-Time Version 4.5 Enhancements

The following changes have been made to Full-Time, and are referred to as Version 4.5. Details of these can be found on pages 26-28 of the Version 4-5 Enhancements Guide.

More flexibility has been added to the main results page, including filters for fixture groups, clubs and fixture status, as well as an option to only view results with "conflicts".
The function to remove a team from a division now has the option to retain the results of any matches already played, moving them to an "Other Fixture Group".
The Respect Monitoring option now includes the facility for leagues to select which of the seven standard Respect questions they wish clubs to answer.
Social Media tags have also been added to the key public pages for Full-Time, allowing users to "share" their favourite pages with users across key social media platforms.

Please ensure you check the Version 4-5 Enhancements Guide for full details of these changes.

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