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October 2012 Release (FT 3.1)

Version 3.1 of Full-Time is now live, having been released on Tuesday 2nd October.

Download/Open  FT Enhancements Version 3-1

The main changes to Version 3.1 are as follows:-

* Addition of functionality to hide league tables (Under 7 and Under 8 football)
* Age Criteria for competitions being recorded by date of birth, rather than age ranges
* A new Respect Download
* Changes to Team Setup
* Better tracking of SMS users and their teams
* Cup format outgoing SMS for "Other Fixtures"
* Option to include direct links to sponsors' websites on notices
* Recording of time/date when players are registered on Full-Time
* Option to disable redundant Player Statistics
* Functionality for users to change and verify their Email Addresses
* Helpdesk moved to the administration pages rather than public pages

Version 3.1 Enhancements Guide

The Version 3.1 Enhancements Guide is attached - this includes all changes included within this update.

We strongly recommend you download and read this guide, as it contains a number of changes which we hope you will find useful.

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