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Full-Time Upgrade (Sep 2013)

A number of changes to Full-Time have been installed on Tuesday 3rd September.

The following updates have been made to Full-Time:-

1) The auto-email functionality for fixtures and referees appointments now has an option to be synchronised with the "Hide Fixtures" option. To enable this, go to Email and Notifications and check the box marked Exclude hidden fixtures from email notifications:. If a fixture has been set as "Hidden" then auto-emails will not be generated for it, and if the fixture is "Hidden" then auto-emails will be generated once it is unhidden.

2) The Email Groups functionality has been extended so that Cups and Other Fixture groups are included (previously only divisions could be selected).

3) When Match Officials have been appointed to fixtures, these appointments are now shown on the individual fixture page, along with a link direct to the Referee Appointments page (this will allow leagues to identify when a match has been postponed, and whether officials have been appointed to it).

4) The Assign Officials page now has a drop-down for "Fixture Status". This will, for example, allow a Referees Secretary to select "Postponed" games and see all officials appointed to those games (presumably for re-appointments).

5) The addition of a player statistic "Minutes Played" - this will give leagues the option of recording the number of minutes played for individual players - it is not connected to the times of substitutions.

6) A new format of date/time picker for many of the pages which use dates and times - the dates and times can still be input directly, or may be added via the calendar (dates) and time-slider.

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