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Southend & District Junior Sunday League

  • Season: 2016-17
  • Division: U11 Section
  • Hit Counter:  10155743

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U11 Section

Recent Results

11LC 21/05/17 Leighwood United Orange (LU61) X - X Laindon Orient Red (LO61)
11AM 07/05/17 Catholic United South (CU62) 2 - 0 Ashingdon White (AS62)
11HM 07/05/17 Leigh Ramblers Blue (LR61) 1 - 2 Pegasus White (PG62)
11MM 06/05/17 Ashingdon Blue (AS61) 1 - 2 Leighwood United Orange (LU61)
11TM 06/05/17 Southendian Manor Red (SM65) 3 - 1 Sth Woodham Fer Utd Panthers (WF62)
L 30/04/17 Ashingdon Yellow (AS63) X - X Concord Rangers Blue (CR62)
L 30/04/17 Benfleet Tigers (BY61) X - X Forest Glade White (FG62)
L 30/04/17 Berry Boys Green (BB61) X - X Wickford Town Lions (WT63)
L 30/04/17 Canvey Island Blue (CI62) X - X Essex Royals Blue (ER61)
L 30/04/17 Concord Rangers Yellow (CR61) X - X Mornington Boys Whites (MB62)
L 30/04/17 Copeland Colts YFC (CC61) X - X Wickford Town Leopards (WT61)
L 30/04/17 Forest Glade Red (FG63) X - X Orsett Park Royals White (OR61)
L 30/04/17 Laindon Orient Black (LO62) X - X Gt Wakering Colts Green (GW61)
11LC 30/04/17 Laindon Orient Red (LO61) X - X Leigh Ramblers Blue (LR61)
L 30/04/17 Leigh Ramblers White (LR63) X - X Southendian Manor White (SM62)
L 30/04/17 Leigh Rockets Black (LE61) X - X Supreme Youth Lions (SY61)
11LC 30/04/17 Leighwood United Orange (LU61) X - X Sth Woodham Fer Utd Wariors (WF61)
L 30/04/17 Mornington Boys Blues (MB61) X - X Academy Soccer White (AC62)
L 30/04/17 Orsett Park Royals Black (OR62) X - X Hambro Colts Lions (HC62)
L 30/04/17 Rayleigh Boys Blue (RB61) X - X Catholic United North (CU61)
L 30/04/17 Rayleigh Boys Red (RB63) X - X Basildon Boys Lions (BA61)
L 30/04/17 Southendian Manor Blue (SM64) X - X Benfleet Villa Pumas (BV61)
L 30/04/17 Sth Woodham Fer Utd Eagles (WF63) X - X Hawkwell Athletic Red (HA63)
L 30/04/17 Supreme Youth Tigers (SY62) X - X Southendian Manor Yellow (SM61)
L 30/04/17 Trinity Red (TY63) X - X Rayleigh Boys Yellow (RB64)
L 30/04/17 Trinity Yellow (TY64) X - X Ekco Whitecaps (EW61)
L 30/04/17 Wickford Town Tigers (WT62) X - X Trinity Blue (TY61)
L 29/04/17 Trinity white (TY62) X - X Academy Soccer Green (AC61)

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